• Plan project timelines and schedules
  • Manage and allocate resources
  • Schedule meeting and milestones
  • Align the team to strategic goals
  • Automate hand-offs and workflows
  • Accelerate end-to-end creative process

MANAGE is the project management hub of the RealTime Suite, enabling creation and management of all the Marketing initiatives in your organization. In MANAGE, each member of your creative team has a personalized dashboard displaying their prioritized deliverables.What makes RealTime MANAGE different from other project management tools is the integration of other RealTime modules directly into the project work flow. So your team members can not only see their tasks, they can complete those tasks within the RealTime Suite itself. Because RealTime is built on the latest web technologies, it can be accessed for any device with a standard browser, without downloading plug-ins or client applications. So your team can work from anywhere and never miss a beat.