Meeting the demand for new consumer products is all about time to market.

Not only does the product need to be ready, but the content to drive awareness and demand needs to be there at day one—on every campaign, platform, channel and device. Customers won’t wait when there are so many, many choices at their fingertips.

The only way to compete is to meet the demand for more content faster—for all your brands. But with staff lean, it’s all about doing much more with fewer resources. RealTIME makes this possible by dramatically increasing your creative team’s productivity and efficiency.

Work Smarter

It starts with RealTIME’s Manage™—powerful project management that is customized to your organization’s unique workflow process. So every strategic Marketing project generates the necessary deliverables to complete it on time and under budget.

But that’s just the beginning. Each RealTIME module provides specific functionality such as collaborative image review, approval and mark-up, integrating that functionality directly into the Project Management core. So team members not only know their tasks and deliverables, they have the tools they need to get the job done, all in one place.

More than just a pretty face

The RealTIME interface is simple and elegant, making it easy and enjoyable for creative staff to use. And each team member is never more than a single click away from seeing their key deliverables for their assigned projects. When creative talent is freed from chasing information and hunting through emails to focus on their art, they produce better content and campaigns.

The answer to increased consumer products competition is moving faster and producing better content. That means creating in RealTIME.