RealTIME was conceived and built for use by Retail creative teams.

The constant ‘churn’ of new products, seasonal cycles, and the explosion of eCommerce as the growth engine of retail demands a level of collaborative efficiency that traditional ‘disconnected’ management tools can’t deliver. Too many retailers rely on inefficient, outdated tools to manage a team that is scattered across the country or the globeā€”and tasked with doing more with less.


RealTime ties together all the major creative functions in the visual content workflow unlike any other tool on the market:
  • Sample inventory tracking
  • Photography and retouching
  • Art direction and styling
  • Content transformation
  • Approval and editing
  • Asset sharing and distribution

The seamless integration of all these functions as a single workflow will shave days or even weeks off your project life cycles while decreasing stress and frustration among your team members. When every member of the team has real-time visibility to their own deliverables and deadlines, the impact on a creative team is dramatic:
  • A sudden drop in angry emails asking who/what/where/when
  • A dramatic decrease in the number of ‘fire drill’ meetings at the 11th hour necessitated by a poor management of resources and time
  • Less people running around looking for things that someone else misplaced
  • No more redundancy of effort when the right asset already exists but can’t be found and so must be re-created

Contact us today to find out more about how RealTime has helped some of the world’s most successful retailers accelerate their visual content production workflow, and how it can help
your team:
  • Get more done
  • Work closer together
  • Work your way
  • Keep growing