Integrated Workflow Process

No more ‘silos’ of data sitting in standalone software products, disconnected from the collaborative process. RealTime is a single source of truth that brings everything together… including your creative team.

Modular Architecture

Implement the whole Suite or just a single Module. RealTime is a flexible platform configured to the way your organizations operates. No two creative teams have exactly the same process, so every RealTime deployment is “one of a kind”… just like our clients.

Elegant User Interface

Creatives don’t want to work in software built for engineers. RealTime was designed by creatives, for creatives, with an elegant GUI that is easy on the eyes, simple to navigate and a snap to use.

Web Accessible

Your creative team is always on the move. Their creative tools should move with them by being available from any standard web browser. Your production team and stakeholders want 24/7/365 global access to your content… So you need to work in RealTime.

Omni-channel deployment

You need to deliver compelling content to more destinations, in more formats, than ever before. A workflow that was built for print just won’t cut it today. RealTime drives flexible content delivery to print, broadcast, web, social & syndication.

Securely Hosted Private Cloud

The unique bandwidth and storage requirements of rich media coupled with the need for accessibility from anywhere presents huge headaches for traditional IT infrastructures. RealTime takes away the pain while maintaining government-grade security.