Our Commitment To Every Client

In a world where one bad client experience can become the next viral sensation, no company can afford to fail their clients. But the world of enterprise software is filled with tales of big promises (and price tags) with mediocre results. Kreate Technology is committed to delivering on our big promises with amazing results. Just ask our best salespeople… our clients.

The Big idea

The best innovations are derived from the simplest and most basic of unmet needs.
Our big idea was to create a clean, simple and easy-to-use software suite for creative teams to better collaborate and create while adhering to internal corporate processes. With our deep knowledge of the creative process, we know first hand how difficult it can be to deliver great creative results when handcuffed by clumsy, non-intuitive systems. If there’s one thing we’ve learned… always keep creative people focused on being creative— that’s what they do best.


One size does not fit all. While most creative, go-to-market processes follow the same basic tenants, no two are alike. That’s why we created RealTIME to be easily customized for the way you develop products. In addition, the hidden key to our success is that belief and the action taken to offer software that easily integrates with your legacy systems… this is where most software solutions fail. While they may do great things—if they do not easily play with the other expensive data systems, you will fail before you ever get started.

Core Concepts

From the very beginning we knew RealTIME had to be modular in conception and construction. Limited, segmented budgets and corporate silos often make integration of a complete software solution complicated… as a result, many corporation will forego the entire solution because it is simply too tricky to gain consensus and navigate the complex corporate landscape. RealTIME’s flexibility and modularity make it a fit either way. While some clients want the whole suite from the very beginning, others are content to implement one or two modules and gain some quick wins before expanding to other modules in later phases. We’re happy to help you determine the best solution for your team, no matter how big or small.